Linking research and writing

Start writing your thesis from day one!

  • Focused on your own work

    The Navigating your PhD program helps you to develop your thinking and build the logic of your thesis as you progress through the research process. It will show you how writing can be used to focus your research, and how you can make better use of your thinking to build resources for communication of your work.

  • Making use of the writing you do

    As you progress through your PhD, you may be required to write a series of shorter reports on our progress. This program shows how these can be used as a tool to develop the structure of your thesis progressively and avoid the pitfalls of leaving everything to the end.

  • Individual and group options

    You can participate as part of a larger group with regular live sessions or individually in an elite program with individual feedback and guidance from Dr Iain Patten as you develop your work.


  • 1
    What makes a successful PhD?
    • What makes a successful PhD?
    • Navigating your PhD through writing
    • The place of writing in the PhD process
    • Independent work - Module 1
  • 2
    Starting where we are: the research proposal
    • Defining your question
    • Making a reasoned proposal
    • Independent work - Module 2
  • 3
    Frameworks: From research proposal to thesis
    • What is planning anyway?
    • Zooming in and out
    • Independent work - Module 3
  • 4
    Creating a web of knowledge
    • Mapping out the territory
    • Showing your thinking
    • Independent work - Module 4
  • 5
    Adapting things in the light of experience
    • Developing flexibility
    • Independent work - Module 5
  • 6
    Going deeper into the writing process
    • Going deeper into the writing process
    • Just writing
    • The editing process
    • Smoothing it all out
    • Sentence-level editing
    • Working in a second language
    • Independent work - Module 6
  • 7
    Getting input from others
    • Finding out how others understand your writing
  • 8
    Putting our work back into context
    • How do we deal with discussions?
    • Independent work - Module 7
  • 9
    Sustaining ourselves through writing
    • Establishing a sustainable writing habit
    • Independent work - Module 8


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